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Veteran Advisor asked about SA demurrage

I asked a non-Cargill  broker in Brazil to respond to that....cannot vouch for accuracy, etc, etc...but here is what he said:



We sell beans to load on march 1st.  Vessel arrives whenever it chooses before that date  sometimes they arrive WAY early.

Nothing happens until mch 1st.  So long as I have my beans ready in port, the vessel can be stuck in a line for as long as it takes and I’ll pay nothing.  The shipper will haveto ensure that all the ships ahead of it in the line actually have their respective cargoes ready in port (often not the case) and if they don’t, they’ll be kicked to the end of the line.  If there are 2 selles for the same vessel but only one has his beans in port, he’ll pay the demurrage for both sellers and could well be billed by the other seller who will only receive payment for his beans when the vessel actually finishes loading.

Lots of people chasing after documents and proof of stocks, etc etc etc.


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Senior Advisor

Re: asked about SA demurrage

Thanks Ray -- Very interesting how they do it down there , sounds like a nightmare to me .

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Veteran Advisor

Re: asked about SA demurrage

...or what we in NA refer to as a clusterbleep!

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