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EPA Supports Ethanol For 2013


We have EPA support of ethanol standards for one more year.  What will 2014 bring?  Here arre some options and choices in an off-presidential election year.  Read the one-page compilation for some ideas being tossed out.



 The EPA has indicated it will maintain its course in support of the Renewable Fuel Standard which undergirds the corn and ethanol economy, including continued support in 2014 that will address some of the concerns about the blend wall. That ceiling on the use of ethanol in the motor fuel supply could be most easily addressed with greater use of E-85 fuels. Such action would cause oil companies to install more E-85 pumps at service stations, selling more 85% ethanol, helping them avoid the cost of buying RINs when they also have to buy ethanol."

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Re: EPA Supports Ethanol For 2013

Why would'nt they support it. We are going to have a great surplus of corn right?