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Early Harvest?

Indeed, the talk of an early harvest is already swirling in the trade. Why? Because the crops are running through their growth cycles like coffee through a "coffee bong".

My counterpart, Anna McConnell, Innovations Editor, pieced together this little diddy, highlighting how the weather could spark an early harvest for some Midwestern areas.

In recent years, the southern Corn Belt farmers wanted to try and catch that September "new crop" futures price by getting the crops out early. However, as of today, the market is saying that it doesn't need early-harvested crops. Dec. is 7¢ over Sep. This year, may be the year to NOT be in a hurry to harvest. So, leave it in the field to save on any drydown costs?


Full Story:   Early Harvest Ahead?




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Re: Early Harvest?

Ya. Even in the later planted ECB it will be near normal.

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Re: Early Harvest?

Export demand is strong enough that folks who are close to the river markets may find basis strong enough to encourage early harvest activity....


That may also be true for processor markets which are affected by river economics


ie; processors and dry mills in eastern Iowa had gone several years without strong river competition and were able to attract corn from east of their, the river bids are preventing that "easy flow" and those processors are trying to increase their draw area further west...


but folks got used to hauling 5-25 miles instead of 100 and they are in a hurry to move old crop stocks......getting a couple of loads per day when you need to be moving 8-10/day doesn't get the job done....


even in the worst of times there are opportunities to consider


Ray J