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Eat like a Californian

I got some blood tests back awhile ago and not good, I gotta change my my ways or I won`t make it to take social security at 62  🙂   I see the doctor tomorrow .    I take vitamins, get plenty of exercise, but that`s still not enough when you`re north of 50.  I`m not careful spraying chemicals, I eat way too much red meat, I gotta quit eating like I`m on a threshing crew, I don`t get that much exercise 🙂

Something I`ve discovered what gave me quick results in addition to the goodies I take is Pomegranate Juice which has really helped with inflammation.  

I put in a 12hr day driving today and didn`t need Aleve and I was naturally alert, I get home and go out scouting bean fields.  I just feel fantastic! Pom Juice also suppresses appetite.  One`s bad diet is akin to any other sin, you fail and try again until something works.  

Here`s the goodies in my arsenal Pom Juice, Guacamole, alkaline mineral water and Naked Mighty Mango.  It`s not cheap but good health is priceless!  I`ve read where cancer does not survive in a high pH environment, so most of the water I drink is high alkaline (no acid reflux either) .


I read if you take SS at 62 instead of 67 you need to live to 76 to breakeven.  But if you take SS at 70 you get the biggest check and you have to live until 81.... I`m takin` it at age 70  😀

Here`s a wonderful song by Ivory Hecker   

❤️ Good Health Everyone!

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Re: Eat like a Californian

Turmeric was a game changer for me in the inflammation side of things haven't needed any ibuprofen for a long time 

Will try the alkaline water seems like a cheap ins policy

Throw in some white meat on that red meat and you'll balance it out😉

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Re: Eat like a Californian

Moderation in everything... including moderation!!!

Had Lymphoma when I was 40. Stage 2/3, but they were just coming out with the immunotherapy drugs back then. Anything you see advertised that ends in "mab" means "monoclonal antibody".  I had rituximab with the standard chemo, and it knocked out my lymphoma cold. Just had my 21-year cancer-free date last month.

My doctor said the same thing - cancer likes a low pH environment. He told me to NEVER drink a caramel-colored soda ever again (I was a big diet coke drinker) because they all have phosphoric acid. Now I drink diet Mountain Dew - maybe not a huge improvement but Orange Juice is the number 2 ingredient behind carbonated water, so it can't be all bad!

For Social Security, the other thing we independent business guys need to consider is that if you are still earning money and take social security before full retirement age (67 for me - depends when you were born) your SS benefits might be reduced. Once you reach full retirement age, you can make as much as you want and they won't reduce your benefits.  So as long as that doesn't change in the next 6 years, I'm taking SS at 67. As long as my health is OK, I will probably keep farming until I'm 70, although I already plan to release my farthest-away rented ground next year. 

BA Deere
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Re: Eat like a Californian

Glad to hear you beat Lymphoma, Erik!  👍    Thanks for mentioning Turmeric, DW. 👍  

Also Cayenne red pepper