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El Nino ..... the verdict is finally in.

Apparently the first definite signs are in that there will be El nino. The areas affected first with dry weather are probably India (already hit by storms in the north) and Australia and the Phillipines. Parts of SA may be very wet.


What is El nino supposed to do where you're at?

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Re: El Nino ..... the verdict is finally in.

Usually good for Iowa.

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Re: El Nino, Hopefully

Noah and the Ark have the upcoming wet weather predictions.


it'll take a Lot of real water to float a boat in the super dry SW.





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Re: El Nino ..... the verdict is finally in.

Here in my part of the woods (Eastern Australia) it usually means a hot dry spring. I have pretty well made sure that wont happen though as I have taken steps to mitigate that risk. ie. No canola planted, wheat acres down, barley acres up and more long fallow. Wait and see now I guess. Will also off load a fair amount of livstock, good news is thats pretty easy at the moment with good sheep and cattle prices here at the moment.

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