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BA Deere
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Re: Election effect?

Erik, yes I`ll try and sound non-political here but this is impossible given one side would argue against "water being wet" simply because of the occupant of the Oval Office stating that indeed "water is wet".  China wants world domination, no politician has addressed that fact....until we elected a "non-politician" to the highest office of the land. 



In my opinion only based on the single issue of one day our grandchildren having a picture of Chairman Mao hanging in their huts, we need to back POTUS in this election at the minimum, give him 2 years of not having to be bombarded with ridiculous impeachment charges.   Let our warrior do battle for us without poisoning his food and putting itching powder in his shorts, because he is on our side.  If social issues are high on lists out there, okay fine get to 2020 and then campaign against him.   But for 2 years now anyway, let`s all be Americans...Please!

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