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Essential crop insurance info

Gary Schnitkey provides essential info regarding 2014 crop insurance choices in this FDD post:
Lots of confusion about 2014 crop insurance decisions with changes to policies for 2014 and changes to come in 2015 via the recently passed farm bill. Gary is the master of crop insurance!

Scott Irwin
University of Illinois

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Re: Essential crop insurance info

Good information......Thanks!

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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Essential crop insurance info

thanks for posting the link.


The rumor I heard was that some sort of proven yield history regurgitation would be brought back for the new program. Basically what "proven yields" do is to give the biggest liars a chance to have a blank check written to them. I hope that isn't what it is going to be again.


If government would just get out of the way and let farmers produce for the markets, I think we would all be happier and more successful. If they have to be involved, do it in a small way, perhaps with some small ($100,000 and less) subsidized loan program for beginning farmers.

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