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Ethanol OOOPS..................

HUH? who'd a thunk that this could be happening in the pure as the wind driven snow E industry.


IATP Says Ethanol Producers are Ignoring Regulations on Antibiotics

May 7, 2012

ST. PAUL, Minn. - A new investigation has found that unapproved antibiotics are being used in ethanol production and ending up in animal feed. Julia Olmstead, senior program associate with the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, says producers and the FDA are turning a blind eye, because currently no antibiotics are approved for use in making ethanol.

"They're being marketed in contradiction to federal regulation, but the FDA isn't actively regulating that. We're saying that the FDA should immediately prohibit antibiotic sales to the ethanol industry, until and if they are approved."

The unregulated use is compounding the overuse of antibiotics in the raising of farm animals, Olmstead says, beause the antibiotics remain in the leftover mash that is sold to livestock producers as feed.

"Over time, feeding these low doses continually to animals means that the weak and treatable bacteria are being killed off, but the strong ones are not. So we get into these situations where we have infections both in animals and in humans that we have no way of treating."

Viable alternatives to the use of antibiotics in ethanol production are available, she adds.

"A lot of producers do use those. POET, the world's largest ethanol producer, is now entirely antibiotic free. But a lot of producers are hesitant I think to make the switch."

Because of that hesitation, Olmstead urges either the federal or state government to step in to provide support to help producers make the transition.

The report is available at

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Re: Ethanol OOOPS..................

How do you like Pink Slime?  What about Alar?  Know anyone who has been to Site 51?  

Sensationalist journalism with scant or biased scientific evidence is getting a little old.  They need to come up with better scare stories.  The deal is, how many gullible people will get up in arms about this?

LFTM - cost about 600 workers their jobs.  Congratulations, new media.  Here's another one.

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Re: Ethanol OOOPS..................

You gotta point Jim but I kinda like spittin in the eye of the industry!


Hows that saying go?

The enemy of my enemy is my friend!


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Re: Ethanol OOOPS..................

I suggest going to this organizations website and take a look at the board of directors and the history of this group. Draw your own conclusions from there on what their agenda is. Personally +1 here Jim.
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Re: Ethanol OOOPS..................

I have heard that with new technology, that scientists have the ability to find almost anything, in anything.  For example, they can find pesticide residue, in the parts per trillion now, and detection can be so sensitive that if you carry distilled water in a metal bucket, they can detect heavy metals (zinc) in the water, just from being in the bucket.  However, because they can detect it, does not mean there is a harmful level of it there.

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BINGO Jim.........

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thats the first thing I thought of............


EDIT:  and I think I used the kudos button for the first time ever on your post............

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Re: BINGO Jim.........

What does this group say about that drug some dairy farms inject into their cows to produce more milk?

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Re: Ethanol OOOPS..................

Was this investigation funded by BP or Exxon/Mobil or OPEC? I guess I find it highly suspect.

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How much is in the DDG's

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Re: Ethanol OOOPS..................

The ethanol industry (an ag industry) is not your enemy.  Environmental whackos that want to go back to the 1800's are your enemy.  If you do not believe they have you (a milk producer) on their "to kill" list, then you are total missing the boat.