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John From S. MN.
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Re: Ethanol and GMO

I have to disagree on the Ethanol wholly. It has been the biggest boon for the overall economy and especially for a once near dead agriculture, that could barely pay it's way. I have been at this farm game 35 plus years and must say for the first 30 I wondered why at times. As far as energy conversion. A few gallons of diesel fuel and a good bit of NG (basically converting natural gas into gasoline) produces 600 gallons of prized liquid car fuel, with out the LNG tank. Plus I have much of the feed value left to feed 200 chickens, all off of an acre of Minnesota farm land. Ethanol is one of the biggest American success story in history......IMHO....JP

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Re: Ethanol and GMO

John welcome back. I do not feed chickens I feed milk cows. and they don;t like the chicken scratch the E leaves behind.  Go ask Arends what most of the dairy guys think of E.


Some Fri. we ought to meet up at the little cafe before the sale.

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Re: Ethanol and GMO

If you want to make fuel out of nat gas it is a lot easier and more efficient to just make methanol directly- which actually blends very well with gasoline and ethanol. 


A real optimist can maybe try to show a 33% net energy gain from corn ethanol but if you attribute the last and marginal corn acres to e production- which I think you should -you're getting real close to zero. Certainly true if anyone wants to push the mandate further.


Maybe it is a great rural development/farm support program but not so much of an energy program. If you worked for Enron then deregulating electricity trading was the best thing to happen in America too.


In the end I wonder if it doesn't just give the next generation the opportunity to go broke with bigger numbers.

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Re: Ethanol and GMO


Not many two entries Have I ever admired and agreed with more than those --------- Well said and thank you.




Ethanol may be the best accidental success story in my lifetime.

I view it as inventory management.  A program that can be stopped for a while if necessary, and restarted as inventories rebuild.

This week I have been trying to list the different ways usda has tried work with grain supply since WW2.  Beginning with building and renting storage in the 1950's--- renting land out of production---- mandatory setaside--- paying to destroy crop---etc.  The list is pretty long.

Here's the problem I see--------- It is the only environmental program that has even come close to working and has been environmentally oversold.------------ therefore when the real management of the program needs to be done, the ball will be dropped.

Two reasons------- To know when to limit or stop ethanol if grain inventories become too low usda needs to have an idea what inventories actually are.  They cannot rely on grain prices to limit ethanol because the price of energy is unrelated.  Second, ethanol is way too much a enviro/political project and the folks who are regulating it won't give priority to food supply until we are in deep trouble.

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Re: Ethanol and GMO

Dear John,


Here is one key reason there is little scientific evidence against GMOs according to Scientific American - essentially you need permission from Monsanto to buy their seed to do an independent study.  Please refer to this article:


Also please consider the cancer causing results of this 2012 scientific research testing conducted by Pr Gilles Eric Séralini – President of the Scientific Board – Molecular Biology Professor:


You should also know that all Monsanto testing lasted for 3 months and should last 2 years (or the lifespan of a lab rat) - tumors do not begin to express themselves adequately in just 90 days.


According to FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) there is already 17% more food being produced on the planet than is needed to feed the world's population.  The issue is distribution - GMOs are not the answer.  Please read this article:


In addition, the public is largely concerned with the revolving door between the FDA and Monsanto - as an example, please read Micheal Taylor's bio on Wikipedia:


According to WIkileaks the U.S. government has spent taxpayers dollars lobbying other countries to use GM seeds.  Here is the Huffington Post article on this news:


The bottom line is the people are speaking out.   Companies like Whole Foods will have GMO labeling in their supermarkets by 2018, Vermont and Conneticut have voted in favor of labeling and the momentum is clearly against GMOs.


Consumers will speak with their wallets using iphone applications like Buycott, which scan the barcode of a grocery item and tell you whether this is a company that uses GMO products :


Hungary has literally burned all GMO fields and banned them according to this MSN news story:


 Many countries have already banned GMOs - please see the list here:


This train has left the station.

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Re: Ethanol and GMO

GMO is great, just ask the rice producers about the Liberty-link contamination of 2006, and the announcement today that USDA officials found RR Wheat in Oregon as seen in the following link.

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