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Evening Trade 1/19

Good evening all-



LONG DEC @ 561.75

LONG DEC @ 560.00



SELL TO CLOSE @ 551.50


Got out of one position at a loss this morning as a cautionary measure. Still think the price will go higher, and it started to today, but the longer it takes for that to happen the more nervous I get about existing positions-


With that said, the market seems sold out to me. There has been plenty of opportunity to run the price lower but it just hasnt happened. Starting to think we may be in a new 10 to 20 cent range which means my strategy will have to adjust. Will give it a few more days though. Patience is key.   


2000 ET


Dec at 556, Mar at 607. A little bit of movement up but nothing big.


2155 ET


Up a hair at 557, 608.75 respectively. A couple of decent sized buys.


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Re: Evening Trade 1/19



I was too getting nervous and a little while ago I finally got out.  I am flat and finally having a drink.  This time last week I was at a big loss. 


 I think the market will hit higher tonight into tomorrow's market but I really do not think that people will want to hold on to the long positions for the weekend.  That is my take. I probably will not do anything until Sunday night.  Good luck. 

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Re: Evening Trade 1/19



glad to hear it- beans have had a nice run off their lows. lots of hogs to feed i guess. have a good weekend

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