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Senior Contributor

Evening Trade 7/13

What a difference a couple of weeks makes! One day people cant get out fast enough, the next everyone wants in. Hope everyone out there is managing their trades and not getting caught up in emotions.


1955 ET


Sept contract currently trading at 684 and change, off the buying flurry in the last minute of trading but I wouldnt say it is being sold down. A couple of largish trades but nothing unusual.


** my take ** -  the bull that I admit I left for dead two weeks ago has come roaring back with a vengence. no choice now but to ride it until it shows signs of a selloff. with everything else going thru the roof- gas, oil, gold- why not corn? BTW- ethanol is now paying $7.85 for Sept corn.


2110 ET


Prices moving up in general with a couple spurts of selling. Sept currently at 686 and change. 


0815 ET


Markets moved mostly sideways overnight. waiting to see what the day brings.



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