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Evening Trade 8/15

A really quiet day today. The Dec contract volume was about 104,000 , compared to a typical day of maybe 170-180k. Range was roughly 719 +/- 3 cents. Monday crop progress report showed negligible change from last week for corn, but can that be believed? Farmers on this forum seem to say NO if not HELL NO. I guess we will have to wait until the kernels actually get counted.


1940 ET


Holding steady at 719. No significant trades yet.


** my take ** - Saw a blip at the open but that caved immediately and got stuck in a range. Will stay bullish into tomorrow barring any other inputs but at some point interest will fade and people will start to sell. Definitely dont want to get stuck in a downdraft.


2100 ET


Still sitting there at 719. Not much going on.



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Re: Evening Trade 8/15

How can the largest corn growing state drop from 73% to 67% good/excellent, while all other major states are very close to unchanged----and then see the US ratings be unchanged for the fact the CCI 100 point scoring system showed a gain in the US number of 2/10 of 1%.....


must be new math I am incapable of deciphering....

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Re: Evening Trade 8/15

i hear there is an individual on another site that has some rose colored glasses that actually decode the reports and make the math look right...........not sure what they cost............

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