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Evening Trade 8/17

This is looking like another night where prices hardly budge. Another low volume day- everyone seems to be biding their time for some REAL crop numbers. Speaking of which- shouldnt China be starting harvesting right about now? Does anyone have any numbers on how that is going?


1945 ET


Dec price sitting at around 723. A couple of largish trades but overall volume very low.


** my take ** - Seems to be a lot of uncertainty on multiple fronts w.r.t. corn crop. Market could go either way. Playing small moves- every day that goes by in a tight range increases the chance of a limit up/down day. I would hate to be on the wrong side.  


2125 ET


As expected, not much going on. Sitting at about 722, plus or minus a penny.

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Re: Evening Trade 8/17

Good luck finding  info on  china's current season  yield not to much of it runs through  combines with yield monitors over there most of it is picked mid 20th century style or even hand picked and fed on the cob to livestock.








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