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Export Report

Another week goes by, only 4 more opportunities to pile up all those cancelations.


If we don't get some negative numbers, how will we get rid of those negative numbers without changing the SD report.


Another 4 weeks and there will be proof that "cancelations" are just a "negotiation" tool.  


Pretty good report-   ------------------  and a good exporting year.


I am a bit supprised that numbers haven't grown here during the "Sale" any more than they have.


Why aren't we selling more at these prices ???????  Carryout lower ???????  Is the supply staying north to feed the stills???


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Re: Export Report

sw - This just me thinking out loud - but could they be playing the game that with a BIG crop coming in - they should wait and see if they could buy at a lower price yet ? And some maybe there econonies , and then again - made there full and don't need it at this time . Beats me

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