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Exports need a note

With probably the best export news of the year this last week, it appears to be a none event on this board and the markets also say it means nothing...  

But I do think it has a bright side.  We are assured the trains will be moving during harvest, because most of the sales the last several weeks have been on the new crop side..... and now that the corn tour is over I can tell you the corn from the sw will not be as good as the last two years.  Even the seed preachers are agreeing a problem called "terminal ear" has them a little buffaloed...

We just didn't have a good year timing wise, planting went into ground that was flooded last fall and compacted with the previous harvest pretty well.  Then heavy rain in May wrecked herbicide and leached fertilizer.  Between it was hot, onion curling, and leaf scalding hot.  Poorer soils did not bounce back....  Dry land will have some nice milo and some weedy milo.  

The depression level is riding high.  We are still struggling to adjust our marketing for the ethanol industry and feedlot changes, and local elevators who lost a lot in the market slide.  And where is our political leadership---- forcing electric energy and penalizing the folks who buy ethanol....

Will we ever stop living from Fad to Fad?

Will we ever elect and hopefully appoint leaders with some engineering and science background instead of political science greedy??   What a choice we have,,,, a professional fundraiser and a bankruptcy investor...


I hope the present crops dissappears by Christmas and NASS has to answer some real questions....

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Re: Exports need a note

Not a chance on either one of those two things happening....sorry

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