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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Eyewitness Crop Report

Hobbyfarmer, as you should, but that is being realistic.



Most farmers tend to be paranoid, and pessimistic at times. Well, at least the ones that are not so successful.



Success is when preparation and opportunity intersect, right??


I have about 20 acres that I have not yet replanted, but I will. It will be on my own dime, no crop ins, and maybe I don't get paid for my time and effort, but last year, the 150-175 bpa I got off the 100 acres of corn I replanted June 15th is going to pay for my optimism for a long time.


I rarely quit.


And I guess part of the price you pay, is that some guy that never worked, like you know who, tells you that "you didn't build that" and wants 40% of the action.

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Re: Eyewitness Crop Report

@Red Steele wrote:

my point is that human nature is going to remember the clear nights with a full, or partially full moon, and the freezes that go with them, but that the same human nature will pay zero attention to the nights around a full moon that are cloudy and no freeze.


Nothing scientific about it, just the way we remember things.

Exactly Red.


And for anyone who wishes to check there have been studies made of past history and there is no correlation between full moon and frost.

It may happen some times but over a period of time there is no difference in the chance of it happening than a night without a full moon.


Cloud cover or lack of is the difference. Moon or no moon.

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