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F.C. Stone estimates?

Supposed to be out this evening. Anybody seen them?

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Re: F.C. Stone estimates?

CORN........175.1    15.226


BEANS...... 52.8        4.386

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Re: F.C. Stone estimates?

If you mean the survey results...........

Corn 175.3 b/a   86.9 m acres


Beans  52.8  b/a    83.06 m acres


Yields for corn look reasonable except that the mess in the south is as usual........ not noted...

Illinois is pegged at 203 beating Iwoa by three.  The rest are diminished


Beans ok assuming they all get harvested and neither crop takes into account poor quality which exists in several states...


And acres ???? who knows it is a wild guess to make the numbers come out where we need them...




Been reading all day about the huge exports in the third quarter '16....... Quoted as  @ 40% of GDP for the period....

If that's true we took care of the carry out.... or    this economy is tanked......


Re: F.C. Stone estimates?

Wow hadn't seen them yet and what were the original projections? - +
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Re: F.C. Stone estimates?

This is a survey of elevator managers in their system.... It is worse than a blind guess until during harvest and then I read it with a little more interest, because the managers are actually getting a little field information.

I am not even sure it is done more than a couple of times through the season... once around wheat harvest and once in the fall.

Then the results are shared through their system... not necessarily distributed publicly...

But I think it gets interesting as harvest happens.


The acres issue is the least known in this survey..... so actually they just report yield rumors and apply it for a total estemate.


Earlier in the year they just guess what usda will guess... like everybody else who knows very little....


Keep in mind there is no injection of harvest problems ---- and yields are usually spot tests and not total farm.

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