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Farm bill...a discussion

For something different, how about an honest farm
Bill/related item discussion.
I find I learn more by hearing a number of options
From different types of farms from different regions.
This forum could help filling that need.

Ok, I'll start by putting my neck market
Levels and crop insurance options.
I would have liked to seen a higher loan rate.
The reason being is that this could be a viable
Market tool. We know harvest is usually the lowest
Prices of the year. It is also common that many
Farmers make arrangements to have loans or
Crop inputs due fallowing harvest. With the rising input cost more and more money is needed.
Farmers could look at later sales, with the hope
Of a higher flat price and lower basis. The market
Loan could act as bridge funding for bills
And a sale at higer price. Higher loan rates
Would help.

Crop revenue insurance. There has been talk to
Do away with harvest option. I have to admit
I do not know if this would end crop revenue,
Whose coverage had a yeild and price function.
In today's climate it is a challenge to raise
A crop, and market is as difficult. A policy
That helps with both is critical now, with low
Commodity prices and an uncertain upcoming
Crop year.

I have to say I was somewhat angry when the cme
Come out against crop insurance. I can see thru
Their logic. It's money...thinking farmers will
Get contracts or options. Then sell yeild contracts, like they have in corn.
Folks we can't figure out the markets now, then
Throw you into a system that is impossible now.

Ok that should be enough to get things started referrals to liberal or conseratives or
Left or right

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Re: Farm bill...a discussion

Might not be any good fixes out there to fit everybody.


I didn't like the years with the big gov't stockpiles of forfeited grain reserves putting a cap on prices.


The fringe has weather problems, that's why it's the fringe. Short of just writing a check on a per acre basis


going to be hard to fix a production problem there from DC.


Here in the I states I have no idea how any new farmer could get established. Outside money has distorted land values.


Growers have equated more acres with success. Just bid the profit out farming as a renter.


Some of the resets are gonna be painful.



BA Deere
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Re: Farm bill...a discussion

I`m evolving more and more to that philosophy, Hobbyfarmer.  These farmbills haven`t "saved the family farm" as was sold to the Long Island housewife when tax monies were appropriated.  

There isn`t enough funding possible politically to get a farmbill that would do any good.


What I would love to see is a break down of all this so-called free stuff that is given to the "bagman" much makes it to his pocket?  How much goes in DeKalb`s pocket?  How much is bid into land rents and selling price?  How much into Syngenta`s pocket?  how much into Murphy Brown hog integrator pockets through cheap feed?  How much gets multiplied many times and back to the consumer/taxpayer/voter/Snap recipient in the way of the cheap food policy? 

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Re: Farm bill...a discussion

How much goes into "other pockets"?  The short answer is ALL OF IT.  Dekalb and Monsanto, fertilizer and chemical companies get their cut first.  If there is any left, it goes to CNH, Deere, and finally to landowners.  And now the states are trying to pick the landowners pockets.  Of course Murphy and Smithfield benefit the whole time from cheaper feed.  So I guess the question boils down to, How much do we, as USA taxpayers want ot subsidize China?  Not to mention the additional chinese junk that SNAP recipients are able to purchase since their food costs are lowered.  HMMM, who are we really working for???  And why???

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Re: Farm bill...a discussion

Not to mention that a large portion of the organic food sold in the US is imported from China. A lot of food additives, spices, sauces, seafood, some vegetables, fruit and prepackaged food comes from China. Most all of it unregulated. I have purposely walked through the grocery atore and a frightening mount is from overseas. We subsidize a lot of foreign entities, provide a cheap reliable food supply for our citizenry, support local and regional businesses and do it under increasingly stiff federal and state regulation. I don’t know what the answer(s) are, but farm bills certainly don’t solve problems. Like any government program, they don’t solve problems they create more. Like heroine. Come to expect that income at certain times of the year but end up giving most of it away to the pusher(s).
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Re: Farm bill...a discussion



You emphasize a great point and the main reason I have been so skeptical of the organic movement.

I have been very open to contracting specialty products but skeptical of organic.


As you say the organic consumer will still buy Chinese over US if it is cheaper....they may claim access problems but in the US we will grow anything for a better price.  But the reality of your post is they are not concerned about the quality of the product but the price of the product.... Still a cheap food buyer....... They are not buying better, they are buying trendy as cheaply as possible.  Not a smart consumer Nor is it a dependable consumer.  


Secondary problem....... Usda never truely evaluates a program.... jobs depend on the outcome.

supporting jobs has been why CRP has lived so long.

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Re: Farm bill...a discussion

C R P  in  this  area  wouldn't  make  anyone  a  living  unless  one  had  a  contract  for  fracking  sand ,  as  paying  the  taxes  would  leave  little  for  $300  seed  units - - -

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