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Farmers' Almanac: Another rough winter?!

So, the folks at the Farmers' Almanac say it's going to be another rough winter in the Midwest and northern Plains. I remember thinking they were crazy when they called for such a rough winter last summer, and we all know how that worked out! 


There's a caveat this year, though: With El Nino in the works, they say that could alter their projection, which was compiled before NOAA said SOI was switching to El Nino, which would mean a milder Midwest winter and more rain in California (where they need it really, really bad!).


So, what do you think? Are you gettin' your Carhartts out already?!

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Re: Farmers' Almanac: Another rough winter?!

I really do not take much stock in the Farmer's Almanac or any real long forecast.  I'll take another  cold Winter if that is what comes,  pouring cheap corn in my corn stove will do the trick.

Sept, Oct, and Nov weather coming up to me, is the most enjoyable  of the year.

Heavy rain forecast for tonight and Thursday.

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