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Re: Favorable Summer, Record Crops Ahead

Kansas usually has around 25,000 acres of cotton.

Please, don't dream up an idea for a story of cotton as a replacement crop for the droughty must have rain to raise

The real stories are

"Options for low crop insurance production averages, in drought stressed areas"

"Options for producers with creditors, when there is not a rain cloud in sight"

"Alternative forages for drought conditions"

"Commodities marketing in a Watson era"

What do you pay for freelance work ?
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Re: Favorable Summer, Record Crops Ahead

FWIW,  There is a possibility of record crops this year......there is every year.  There is also a possibility of very poor crops.......there is every year.   All I am asking is for some stories on what happens if there are poor crops.  


ECIN,  Know of any inexpensive bin dealers in your area???????

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