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Feeding the Bulls

Just going on short drives in this neck of the woods (NW Ohio) and seeing the lousy crop conditions would be enough food for any bull.  With the last two years having record corn yields on my farm, it's not an easy pill to swallow to look at this every day.  I will however, have some decent corn and for that I am thankful.  But hardly remotely close to the past two years.  There are folks who have it much worse than I and my heart goes out to them.   It won't be a very fun harvest.   The guys still with wheat around here to harvest are having fits. Some might not even get it harvested. Every soybean field has been affected.  Many areas of no plants or extrememly yellow plants. A remedy spraying of roundup, fungicide, & foliar is scheduled.......we just can't get a stretch of dry weather to get in the field.

I know there are places in the country that have prospects for a good harvest.  From what I've been reading, no one knows if these areas will make up for the areas of disaster. 

Farming is in my blood and I never take any crop for granted.   And neither should anyone else, including the folks at the USDA.

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Re: Feeding the Bulls

Take a drive through Ottawa county and northern Wood county.
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Re: Feeding the Bulls

tiger you forgot to also put on your list, who should not take a need to add the chicago people

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