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Feedyard Talk 2/8 1am markets are shivering in place

opened up 2 & 4   but has settled back to even ......... not enough trades to keep it warm.

Wheat and cotton leading at present with cotton knocking on the 84 cent door    wheat is up 3


Just a minor note, it is cold for sw   but the forcast says we are headed south (as in lower standards or worse shape) so lets say the temp is heading down this week or "north".

Right up front I want to say, I speak for all folks within the old dust bowl region( as accurate as any guarantee you'll get from an internet source)..... WE ARE truly sorry for allowing a little of our famous Wind to leak into Iowa last August.  We truly are...... So if you might keep most of this Normal cold corn belt weather up there and shove it on east toward Tom Brady's house, we would appreciate it.

We don't wanta get into a game of "Paybacks" ...... congress will probably try to pay for this 1.9 trillion in Big City bailouts with savings in the crop insurance program and we all loose....... even more than we normally loose.

Just kidding ... Do what ya can.  We will understand....... 

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BA Deere
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Re: Feedyard Talk 2/8 1am markets are shivering in place

Where`s the "global warming" some were worried about?  I bet the ice is really laying on the Great Lakes now, Bill Jensen the radio fishing guy said 17° at night adds 1" to the ice, Duluth probably won`t get above 0° for another week.  When I fly across the country I like to track the progress of the trip and they give altitude and temperature  and it`s -65° at 39,000ft,  there is a scary amount of cold, not too far above us.  If a "polar vortex" would pull just a small amount of that down, no one would complain about "global warming" again.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Feedyard Talk 2/8 1am markets are shivering in place

I'll bet somebody on the other side of the north pole was asking about global warming too cuz that is where this air has been for weeks and weeks.

A little change in the jet stream and hobby gets the snow we were getting.  Love it when it has to warm up to snow😎😎

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Re: Feedyard Talk 2/8 1am markets are shivering in place


Hard to not be somewhat bullish?

The overnights are encouraging.

Bean cash prices within 20¢ of recovering to month ago price levels.

Corn is setting new highs in cash markets.

Brazilians trying to cancel sold it before you raise it contracts. 

Pass the popcorn this might be an interesting movie to watch after all.

Had a noon hour visit with my banker friend yesterday. Got on the subject of the PPP loans, was telling him a bank down here in my area was calling their customers and telling them about the rule changes and ease of getting free money.

He said he had some farm customers that could sure use the help but had been in doubt if calling them was his place. Hope he calls them.  A $ 20,833 cash infusion with a real possibility of a second $20,833 follow up second draw should at least prolong the agony...

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