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Feedyard talk 1/25 midnight....... full speed ahead

It is a light overnight market with barely 14 to 16K trades being made so far   A great monday rebound from the Funds smack down of friday.   Corn -2   wheat-4    beans -8........ a pretty dull evening so far.

Feeding country has trucks maintaining momentum.  The weather market is saying "na na na na na----- missed us"

Rain passed southeast of us and Snow passed north of us.  With lots in the Scott City/Colby ks area catching some of the snow but not the bulk.  Some wheat being grazed if it was planted early enough but moisture remains short....... the loading panels will be close at hand.  Lots of wheat not up to it.   Good to keep the corn rolling but we meeded the moisture also..... 

Some of the area sports teams doing well--especially the localation where the wife and I ride the donkey to pay our taxes.  Not many places you can watch teams compete in 5 different states.  Well it will be 5 if New Mexico ever snaps out of their special covid symptoms.  in swks we lost taste and smell (thirst and hunger)  but new mexico has another Covid Variant that destroys their desire to be neighborly.  Not sure they are allowing smiles yet(even under a mask)  Their camp grounds look like a democrat campaign stop.  Lots of mumbling and 6 of the 8 folks scattered around wishing they had stayed home.

Don't get too discouraged that you get covid P1354 before you get to meet the original or the other members of the Chinese midwest touring ambassador troop.  It is all a process and if we need to build up numbers for the newer versions the original covid will be wiped out.  Like cancer was in 2020.   

I'm joking a bit to try and keep a smile out there.   We have forgotten that everyone over the age of 60 is going to die in the next 60 years, and if were lucky much quicker than that.   Up until now we have used that thought to give each other a good hug or a solid handshake along with a smile that says thanks for being my friend (even if your related and your parents make you do it..... Us old folk appreciate a grandchild that doesn't talk down to us or past us like we aren't there).

If you are one of those whose years are numbered and have enjoyed your life.  And believe me you are(one of the numbered year ones)!  Go see those kids whether they like you or not. You can't give them any viruses that will hurt them.  Remember this, you got an education that afforded you a choice of jobs to retire from.  These kids are trying to learn even if no one is teaching, and may not be able to find a job with a search party.  A lot of them raised themselves or just didn't get a chance to mature.

Us older ones may have a few issues, but lets face it when there are so many in their old and wrinkled years like now....... well,  there were going to be some higher death rates for us just because we are a mob of old whiners approaching the finish line.   These young ones are facing some challenges far greater and more difficult than a little war in SE Asia or a few dirt storms rolling in.  We need to be working hard to show them they are loved and appreciated.  How to laugh and enjoy what they do.  Catch a fish.  See something they might have missed if you weren't there to share it with them.

Me making it another 15 miserable years is not worth failing to see the gleem in a childs eyes or a couple miles ride on a porch swing with one of them.     Come spring we are going play some catch....... even if we have to drive out to Black Mesa and thumb our noses at New Mexico to get it done.  

My memories are fading...... as yours will soon also...... go create some new ones and plant them in a young and fertile mind.  

No matter what DC says, do it. Kids remember you one on one....... Not sitting in the stands ....... and if they don't understand you........ they will someday have that  wow......"that's why" moment and see you for what you were.

Those folks in DC aren't coming to the midwest, they are going to call us names from afar............They are fighting for every last breath.  They probably haven't got a maker to meet.

Be an intentional good friend.

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BA Deere
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Re: Feedyard talk 1/25 midnight....... full speed ahead

The markets are like the weather, if you don`t like them, wait a while and they`ll change   🙂    "Elon Husk" is advising to buy the dips as all the grains are a bull strapped to a rocket.  This PPP loan (wink wink) will enable grain to be held in even tighter hands, not to mention CFAP 2.0 or 3.0 or where ever we`re at.  

Covid is magically getting better post January 20th, no more death tally posts in the AgForum page.  Gotta watch out for little crumb munchers going back to school again and you can sit down in a Burger King and eat, I see Pizzahut Ranch even opened up their buffets ...why have we been shut down for a year now again?

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