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Feedyard talk. 5/26. Drive &.,,,,,,,

My weeks drive was south central Kansas.  My reaction is “what crop”?. 
There is the usual wheat in the area looking very average but small in acres - half looks 40-60 boa. Other half is contaminated with these ever popular “cover crops” — rye, barley, oats, etc
not sure what they will do with that, dump it at coop until they squeal or save for graze out seed. 
This is where wheat acres have dropped so I see cottons stubble or corn remains, or “lots of open fields”——3rd week of May.  Saw 2 fields of corn up rowable one of those in cotton trees from last year.  We saw 4 planters running in 175 miles through 7 counties.  Not much planted or coming up. 
South central ks has long been a rural population of urban residents.  Like much of Iowa — difference is wheat fits as a part time crop better than corn or beans.  So.  I saw very little corn yet I know it’s still being planted.
cant imagine corn within last years cotton surviving a wind but ....... 
4 years ago corn was prominent today far less.  But tractors are running where those cover crops are reluctant to die.  Late corn maybe but not big yields. 

Cattle cash markets 

feeders selling this week 

$1.35.   1000 lb range

$1.56       700-760 wts

$1.75         500-560 wts

I'm still amazed at how little the run up in grains has affected feeder prices   Demand for beef must be strong   —- we got ‘em  where we want ‘em .

Farming in general in southern ks looks wrung out.  And that attitude is reflected in local business and conversation.  

The presence of “virus weapons as a dampener to progress” finds its way into conversations in local eating stops.  


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Re: Feedyard talk. 5/26. Drive &.,,,,,,,

hey sw - was that guy still on the ladder fixing the sign across the street from your favorite restaurant in Beaver, OK?

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Re: Feedyard talk. 5/26. Drive &.,,,,,,,

Maybe  some  of  those  $200.oo   head  tickets to  the  Cattle  Feeder  Hall  of  Fame  banquet,  would  lighten  things  up in  our  attitude  department  - ? - ?  - ? 

Nashville  is  nice  in  August ,  and  getting  up  to  speed  on  developments  of  the  business - maybe  ?

No  Cow  Boys  Allowed  -  ?  ?  ?      

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