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Feedyard talk 6/8. ............ Beyond the Sea

The melodic markets mid week.....


Barry Manilow speaks for usda and their crop ratings creation wonderland


In Feedyard country The answer tune comes back in other words.  ----Inflation hell to pay

Yeah, you better give me my money
Or there'll be hell to pay


ELO and dancers reflect on feelings of Grain producers.... for at least until the inflation kicks in hard.

Mr. Blue skies, you did it right
But soon comes Mr. Night creepin' over
Now his hand is on your shoulder
Never mind I'll remember you this
I'll remember you this way....    


But then there is the hope of the future.  ------------------Lets start Wednesday with Marshall Tucker


And stay where I belong.....



If you get discouraged about where ignorance leads us and where we will be when technology displaces us give this some thought ........ We are still think for ourselves


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BA Deere
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Re: Feedyard talk 6/8. ............ Beyond the Sea

Speaking of paying for things, farmer`s heirs will be expected to carry the load. This from a recent elevator news letter, they try to put a positive spin on the loophole of if the children actively farm, they won`t have to pay the tax, thus more farmers.  Some "kid" in the big city isn`t going to quit his job, buy a 4020 and move 1,000 mile back "home" to avoid $1 million in taxes.  I think instead of renting the ground out, he`ll have it custom farmed, if that fits the criteria of the loophole.

To these damned politicians that dream up these schemes, I dedicate Bob Dylan`s Positively 4th Street.


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Re: Feedyard talk 6/8. ............ Beyond the Sea

I corrected my mistake on the last one.

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Re: Feedyard talk 6/8. ............ Beyond the Sea

Integration  -  consolidation  has  already  determined  farming  direction ,  with  row  crops  last  man  standing ,  having  Taps from  the  bugler  on  stand  by  role  call  -  -  -

Pandemic  Payments  to  contract  growers ,   speaks  volumes  -  says  the  headline  -  -  -   

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