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First message from a buyer.

I don't know whether they were checking on whether I practice what I preach or were tryng to procure - and i think the latter. We cracked $8 and there is at least one hint that there may be only 5% of the SWW crop left uncommitted (whatever that really means - sold, located in an elevator or in home bins?). Our winter wheat weather has been very good but that might not hold up for reseeded or overseeded fields in summer fallow areas in the summer.

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ray h.
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Re: First message from a buyer.

     Have a friend that traded several cars the othe day with a trigger point of $8.00 it was not there yet by I think better than a dime,but got it done.Go figure!

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Re: First message from a buyer.

Went to the annual coop shareholder
Meeting tonight. Enjoyed a good supper
(Roast beef, pork chops, smothered steak,
grilled chicken....take one or all serve yourself)

Anyhow, had a review of operations...first
no cash dividends this year! (No wonder
They fed us good ).

The weather was in big letters on the
Screen. The boss said with the report
(Wheat tour)., they figure 50 higher
From where we are now.....if we get
Rain soon.
Then he showed the next slide, the wx forecast
Highs in low 80's, one day in the 90's
And no rain.

Then, he made the comment, that 84% of
Your cooperatives income is from grain

Your boardmembers and management staff are very concerned with the current weather
condions and the current condition of
The wheat crop, and the prospects of
The spring crops.

Any ideas?
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