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Flooded acres in Mississippi

FOX news report tonight was showing 500,000 flooded acres along the Mississippi River in the state of Mississippi alone.  The farmers there said the prediction is those acres will not be farmed this year.  This is just a small part of the total acres in the same situation up and down the Mississippi and Missouri River also.  Thousands upon thousands are flooded and nowhere for the water to go as the water table is too high.  Some is seep water some surface water but none the less it’s water and most of it will take several weeks to get off.  

   The talk has been unplanted acres but I think the next story will be lost acres that were planted and can’t be replanted.  On an average these are prime high production acres.

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BA Deere
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Re: Flooded acres in Mississippi

Absolutely, the Mississippi, Missouri, Illinois Rivers all kinds of flooding and the rain ain`t over yet.  Then lesser known rivers like the Raccoon, Iowa, Wapsipinicon, Winnebago, Cedar, Shellrock and the riverbottom ground along there.   And the old saying "when the river is low, the tile will flow"  well, pattern tiled ground if enough fall will drain if the outlet is under 3 foot of water, but it`ll be slooooow.

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Re: Flooded acres in Mississippi

Well that was fast...


Got two hundred acres of corn planted, little over half was up.

Got all but about twenty acres harvested last two days in a flood. More moisture came this morning.


Absolutely no Intention of throwing any more money out there other than some type of weed control. Probably use steel/ spray rotation .


BTW, forgot the Grand, Nodaway, Nishnabotna, etc here in the southern red haired stepchild area of Ioway.


Since its Sunday, the good book says let your land rest every seventh year. Gonna do just that...and get paid for doing it.

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