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Flooding in Brazil

Floods Kill 41 People In Southeastern Brazil

December 27, 2013

By The Associated Press

SAO PAULO - Brazilian officials say floods and mudslides have killed 41 people and driven close to 70,000 from their homes in two southeastern states.


The civil defense department in the state of Minas Gerais says the floods and mudslides caused by more than 10 days of heavy downpours left 18 people dead and forced 9,420 to flee their homes.




In Espirito Santo state, officials place the death toll at 23 and say that more than 60,000 were forced to seek shelter in public buildings or the homes of friends and relatives.




Troops are helping distribute food, water and medicine in Espirito Santo and Army engineers have been called in to help repair highways, roads and bridges damaged by the floods.


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Re: Flooding in Brazil

Rain makes grain.   Look out below.

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Re: Flooding in Brazil

Brazil is a big place.

the following tweet came to me.


22 days without rain in Western Parana, Brazil. Soybean yield falling everyday. Situation is bad! Harvest starts on January 10th 2014.
2013-12-27 9:46 AM


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Re: Flooding in Brazil

22 days without rain and yields are slipping???? What a shame, might as well sell the combine it is going to be a crop failure for sure. Maybe they ought to start planting GMO beans like we do and then they can produce a bumper crop even when they go 62 days without rain.
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