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Floor Talk April 14

The grain and soybean markets are closed overnight in observance of Good Friday, so no prices today. They'll reopen, oddly, at their usual time on Easter Sunday so you can check them after having some ham. Export sales were down across the board in the seven days through April 6 with corn down 33%, wheat off 26% and soybeans declining 4% from the previous week. In weather news, it looks like a widespread storm stretching from Texas to the Great Lakes will bring rains that could potentially delay planting in some areas this weekend. Flooding continues in parts of Illinois and Indiana as well. 


Well, I hope you all have a Happy Easter weekend and get to spend some time eating oddly colored boiled eggs and Peeps and ham and potatoes! I'll be down here moving so feel free to stop in and carry a box or two! 

Here's what happened overnight:


Brent Crude Oil = Closed.  

West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil = Closed. 

Dollar = down 0.1%.

Wall Street = U.S. stock markets closed.

World Markets = Global stocks lower in slow trading.

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Re: Floor Talk April 14

What effect, if any, do three-day weekends have on markets?  Is there sometimes a more than expected jump up or down?  Do more people get out of the market over a three-day weekend than a normal two-day weekend?  Do "real" traders ever take a break?

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Re: Floor Talk April 14

Lord knows the farmers don't. No pun intended. Happy Easter everyone 🥚+🍫=resurrection 🐇