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Floor Talk April 18

No markets until Sunday night. Happy Easter!


Weather Update: Freese-Notis is reporting the weather models indicate the high probability of high yields.


See Full Weather Report



What do you think?




At 9:20am:

--USDA announces Friday that an unknown purchased 128,000 tons of U.S. corn for 2013-14 delivery.





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Re: Floor Talk April 18

That is just great. I think I'll go ahead and contract 100% of my expected yield right away now that I am guaranteed a perfect growing season. Maybe I should up that to 110% since it will be so good. Are these guys on drugs? They can't even get the 7-day forecast right.

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Re: Floor Talk April 18

Sell sell sell sell sell! Hurry, prices are not going to be this good for years to come...... priceless!
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Re: Floor Talk April 18

My question....what will this do to the plains?

Question 2: we look like we are going to be
Behind planting. Now you are telling me
Above normal rain...that can mean more
Clouds, and cooler wx with clouds...thus
Lower (longer) heat/growing degree days,
Thus making the crop later. Bigger chance
For a freeze, later harvest, more moisture,
Mud when cutting.
Also, more moisture, higher level of humidity
In the crop canopy, thusly higher levels
for disease.

Shire you want to stick your neck out?

With all their number crunching ability,
What do they show for the wheat crop?

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Re: Floor Talk April 18

Harvesting in mud, I've almost forgotten what that was like.  I'll welcome the different challenges of farming in a wet/humid climate because farming in the on going drought is getting old and we are ready for a change.

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