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Floor Talk April 22

Well it was a fun ride while it lasted, but it seems the specter of  a price drop after a more-than 60-cent price increase this week was more than investors could handle. Prospects for $11 beans have "up and vanished like a fart in the wind," to quote one of my favorite movies, and futures are back near the $10 level. Still, that's not bad considering we were wondering if beans could even touch $10 earlier this week. 


Here's what happened overnight:


Brent Crude Oil = 0.2% higher. 

West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil = 0.3% higher.

Dollar = up 0.1%.

Wall Street = U.S. stock futures slightly higher in pre-market trading. 
World Markets = Global stocks decline on worries Bank of Japan to offer negative-rate loans.

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Re: Floor Talk April 22

Willing to put your reputaion on the line on the trend of one overnight market?    I'm not.  Smiley Wink



As Billy Joel & Garth Brooks sang......."You may be right........I may be crazy."



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Re: Floor Talk April 22

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