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Re: Floor Talk, April 3, 2020

@marketeye wrote:



I've been asked by our technical dept. to ask you to try and post more pictures now. We think that we have fixed the problem. Let me know if you find otherwise.





Nope still same message,

This time it tries but gets over ran by that same message.

Other problem is with smart phone it does not give me all the options that are necessary in menu bar at top. Need "full site" option like used to have. File size is also too small.

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Re: Floor Talk, April 3, 2020

A red herring indeed.  I'm rapidly approaching 3 score years and ten.  A plan would be to let the younger generation go to work and quarantine us old folks if someone needs to stay at home.  I have a lot of younger generation family members that have a hundreds of fat cattle to sell this month, feeders too,  milk to sell and some are out of there construction jobs. The goring is going to be very painful.  I still choose Faith over Fear.