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Re: Floor Talk April 4

+1 for Hobby

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Re: Floor Talk April 4

A little proof to support hobbys point     sw feedlot direct pricing just went up another 5 Cents in some venues.

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Re: Floor Talk April 4

Smart move by the Chinese. This will hit the farmers and automakers the hardest. This if fair since these are people that put Trump and his Republican traitors into office knowing full well what they would do. Hopefully those that farm and make cars and voted against America's values will loose their jobs and be thrown into homelessness.

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Re: Floor Talk April 4

Your ignorance is showing.


At the height of the drop in CBOT prices today, Brazil sourced beans were quoted t $1.75 a bushel higher than yesterday's price.


Yea I'd say smooth move chinaman, cut off your nose to spite your face.


No two ways around this, gonna cost them too. You think the 10 to 1 trade deficit they have over us was going to end well? When? How?

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Re: Floor Talk April 4

What goes around.
Today I bought a 1” street L for nearly $5.
Smart move trump. China reacts and now the US can make good money making our own pipe fittings.

I really don’t care where the price of beans go as long as expenses are less and we buy less junk from those Californians who use cheap Asian labor for untaxed profits.
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Re: Floor Talk April 4

Just  some random thoughts:


However this shakes out, this is way better than a grain embargo. That would be the ultimate " cut off your nose to spite your face".


At least it is a potential trade war, and not a military conflict. Maybe they will talk tough and threaten each other and then eventually sit down and really talk and solve some of our issues with each other. Let us all hope the same thing happens with North Korea.


Weather will trump Trump and everything else if it wants to. Things look a little dicey for having even an "average" spring planting in the US this year (If there is such a thing as average) , let alone a better than average one. Maybe the lower acreage reported last week will actually happen. Hey , the high corn yield that USDA forecast last year happened against the odds.


In July or August, a timely rain will likely matter more than all of this current hoopla.


Yeah, it is only April 5th, but is looking like this could be a year when I am planting a little on the late side and price  protecting a good portion of our insured bushels on a SURPRISE rally due to spring planting weather. I am kind anticipating that lateness here, and it is as wet as it can get now. We farm near the Ohio River and Cargill Kellogg Cincinnati quit taking beans today, as they cant load barges due to high water. That does not happen often in April. It could be great condition for planting in late April around here, but with the current forecast, the odds are less than 10% that it will happen.


Things seem to even out. The trick is to be able make it through the bad times to be able to enjoy the good. TIME will tell.


Done rambling