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Floor Talk August 10

Soybeans were higher overnight as this incredible sales streat continues. Exporters have now sold more than 3 million tons of beans in the past 10 days, which should make for an interesting export sales report tomorrow. Of course none of it will matter much once WASDE comes out and people forget about everything else, at least momentarily. It's going to be hot out there again, but rain the rest of the week should alleviate some of that heat. I'm starting to miss the cooler weather of the north, but the good news is temperatures are only expected to top out at about 99 on Saturday -- basically winter here in Central Texas! 

Here's what happened overnight:


Brent Crude Oil = 0.1% lower.
West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil = 0.4% lower.

Dollar = down 0.5%.

Wall Street = U.S. stock futures slightly higher in overnight trading.
World Markets = Global stocks lower amid uncertainty.

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Re: Floor Talk August 10

 That is 270+ unit trains


Each train is 1 1/3 mile long = 359 mile long train if end to end.


Anybody ever drivee I 80 through Nebraska?   That is the distance from Lincoln to Wyoming..


Each hopper car is 60 1/2 feet long coupled.

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Re: Floor Talk August 10

I grew up in Omaha and the parents had a little place in the mountains near Estes Park. I've driven the Omaha-Cheyenne route on I80 more times than I can remember. That's a long train you're talking about there. 

Looks like the streak may come to an end today -- USDA reported a corn sale but no beans. 

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