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Advantage knowledge..........

A person I follow on Twitter posted about 5 minutes before the report was public.

'No freaking way those numbers are accurate'

I see a lot of people agee with him after the saw the report.

I figure he must be clairvoyant

No one would have been able to come up with that without being able to see the future would they?

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Re: Farmers

@sw363535 wrote:

Wright,   it is very temporary...... crop insurance shrinks to sawdust when you start filing claims.... as it is designed to..... it is only the illusion of insurance.  We really need some serious drops in production and some real shortages in population centers.  This year is just a start to changing anything...... and higher prices for commodities is not a solution....  Agriculture on all sides is facing a real enemy ...... not just a perceived one....... were in a battle over what is important in american lives and food is loosing to the lies.  We hardly know how to define food and its origins.

Agriculture has been taken over by corporate profiteering...  Technology, inputs, and marketing are totally out of control... The present "futures" markets are without regulation and live based on propaganda and rumor.----- fear of political pooping.  No one doubts there will be beef in the stores tomorrow......but there is a good reason to worry today.


Are we headed to Cash corn costing say $5.50 w paper corn at $4 for example?

There's already a grain shortage but our consolidated market system will not and can not recognize it. 

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Re: Farmers

yes probably   Basis will have to provide the incentive for production.... We moved away from corn this year sitting here in the middle of cattle feeders.  It feels odd, but our costs are just out of control.  I don't see us ever going back to the production usda believes in.  In our county alone in sw ks over 2.5 million bushels (a very conservative number it could well be double that)  went out of production by choice..... on decisions made in January before any weather issues.... Thousands of acres in central ks went out of production when tractors couldn't get in the field..... alternate crops were planted.  And some went fallow.    

I agree with you our system is not functioning at all.... our elevators don't ask or care they are part of a conglomerate of massive employees........ not locally paid any more.... our fsa offices and crop insurance offices are out of touch and don't care what happens outside the office.    When basis does not represent freight differences we have a mess.  

I was refering somewhat to the sick news cycles........... and the fire in GC ks.....

The last two weeks we have had a huge explosion in Russia that may have been nuclear in nature and friday we had a fire in GC that will make a real dent in the distribution of meat in and outside the US.  But today I had to see information on the Russia explosion from a twitter from our President.  Reuters has their head stuck up a hog snout, and BBC is stuck on our latest political death that only shows how incompetent our leaders have been for the last 30 years.  And everything other organization that thinks it is news is still ranting immaturely over their own incompetence. 

This society is sick.  It believes without question and hates without respect.    We sold our agriculture to foreign interests and congress never batted an eye  ----- JCB will probably have to cut meat for us even more than they did before and our corn and bean seed stock will have to come from either germany or china.  Hopefully some young guys will start a new seed stock company in the US so we can have another Garst or Thomas to give our business to.  

So lets all have a day of solemn support for our pedaphiles and prostitutes who are having a tough week.  Who cares if there is enough crop in the field?

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Re: Farmers

Maybe   a  reset  on  the  input  side ,   turn  the  harvest   monitor  off,   and  put  the  ball  back  in  our  court  -  maybe  ? 

Rural  America  political  sell  out,  needs  a  major  adjustment  -   as  for  foreign  meat  -  interesting  -   -   - 

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