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Re: Floor Talk, August 15, 2019

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thanks ..... the PP choice issue for a higher ins claim might be part of what is forcing usda to think there were 100+m acres of corn intended. Which might mean those were bean acres not planted....... I hadn't made that connection since it wasn't an issue out here. Here acres are down for other reasons like pumping costs and maybe not enough water, etc. Planting was as you say very delayed and our average oct 15 frost date is going to come pretty early even if it doesn't. Beans are our most vulnerable since they got planted last. I just don't buy the idea that 15 to 20 million acres of new ground suddenly appeared, especially when so many were under water early . Nothing pushes planted acres like high prices, so I figure we been maxed out for several years in the 90corn-90beans scenario. Thanks again