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Re: Floor Talk August 18

OK Mike - IF your going to be a scout - just don't give us this 18 round and 7-1/2 long BS - lol  Count how many kernels long it is and then measure off 17.4 feet and count the stalks in that 17.4 - that will give the pop .  - - you don't have to figure it up , just give us the numbers ,  Thanks for your report . Smiley Happy

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Re: Floor Talk August 18



By Raymond Jenkins


Overnight action in corn futures hinted at higher values today, but the plus signs lasted barely 30-45 minutes after the 8:30AM opening in Chicago. We then spent the balance of the session working lower, and that is how we ended up with a loss of 5-6+ cents in most corn futures contracts between now and December 2015. I don’t have a good explanation for why there was night-time enthusiasm followed by day-time negativity.


Might as well blame it on the roving crop tour, since they appear to be a convenient piñata for anything that transpires this week!


Last year about this time we had some serious reservations about the slow maturity of the 2013 corn crop, and we went into a 10 day heat spell that changed things a lot.


Are we going to get a repeat in 2014? Temperatures forecast to reach into the upper 80’s, maybe higher later this week.

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