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Floor Talk August 26

Investors aren't quite sure what to make of the crop tour results, and to be honest it's a bit of a head-scratcher in terms of marketing. Nothing new or groundbreaking was found, though yields are a bit lower than where USDA expected while about what traders and growers expected. Apparently there are disease and damage out there, enough that it's making a big difference in yield. Anybody dispute what the tour found?

Here's what happened overnight:


Brent Crude Oil = 0.6% lower.
West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil = 0.4% lower.

Dollar = down 0.1%.

Wall Street = U.S. stock futures lower in overnight trading ahead of Yellen speech tomorrow. 
World Markets = Global stocks decline amid uncertainty.

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too close for comfort
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Re: Floor Talk August 26

It will be interesting to see if their guess at final is any better than I am on my own farm. I usually am in a range of 50 to high to 50 to low. Here in southern Wi things look descent. I've been in the fields a lot and it's different than 14. When I would walk into the field that year I was blown away by the size of the plants. The ear was set so high I had to reach well above my head to grab them. One of my pivots has to go though a dip and I was starting to worry about the corn tipping it over. There was one in the neighborhood that did. This year they are about chest high.  I know height isn't suposed to mean big yield but it did then. Stands are good. I dropped 34 and am averaging over 33 final. Kernel counts are lower than 14 but we have plenty of moisture to finish them and temps have been in the 70s and 80s. It could be an early harvest but if everyone is like me they are going to let it field dry as long as possible.

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Re: Floor Talk August 26

Drove home from the north side of Chicago today.  I90 and Hwy 20 across N Illinois to Waterloo.

Then north on 218 and west on 18 to I35.  Significant number of bean fields appear to have SDS.

Every creek/stream/river had plenty of water and the Mississippi at Dubuque looked high and brown from the runoff.


We have more SDS in our area this year as well.  Wondering how much our wet summer helped bring it on?

We also had very little frost in the ground last winter.  Will that contribute to its spread as well?
Tried to hold off planting this spring until the ground was warmed up and dried out but still have a couple small areas in 2 fields.



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Re: Floor Talk August 26

It may be the wet weather.  I have been flying around eastern Iowa along I-80 and dont' see much stress on beans.  There are more corn fields looking a bit yellow in spots than beans.

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