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Re: Floor Talk December 10 (Report Day)

Jack scoville said: " Beans were bullish, we got 40 less ending stocks against expectations of max 25.  Yet we are down 15 cents.  For me, the reaction so far is more interesting than the report itself, a month or two ago beans would have been 25 or more higher on this type of change, but now the market acts like it knows all the bullish news and these numbers are alredy part of the market, which in truth maybe they are."


I have to laugh and cry at the same time.  Bullish news is no longer bullish news.  

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Re: Floor Talk December 10 (Report Day)

One comment:


one person quoted "all numbers were within
Expectations "
Read the numbers again.

Had a meeting last night. Have a few boys
There that do alot of traveling.
the question was.....where is this huge
Very few big piles seen, should be a worse
Problem due to train problems.

Same with the wheat. A custom cutter said
It was terrible.

The smart*** market guru said....

Oh, its all in on farm storage.

Get the rope boys.
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Re: Floor Talk December 10 (Report Day)

Still harvesting in this area


Text from Gavilon GRAIN .. Don't bring corn till our train comes in, call before you come.


Three bunkers full there   first time in 30ish year's the Afton coop has put corn on the ground, plus they have built several millions of bushels of storage .

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Re: Floor Talk December 10 (Report Day)

Unloaded 415,000 bushels on Wednesday


estimate that 2/3 came right out of the field or from emergency storage


32% was spot


what a year---every day I think it has to be over.....but it keeps on coming......


Ray J

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