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Re: Floor Talk February 1

Market-eye . . . didn't I tell you about the record sugar cane crop last week that was a priority to ship out over beans, when I was discussing the two ports and the   problemswhith shipping ag commodities from those to ports in Brazil?


All of this was old news when beans were falling out of bed over the past few weeks, must have been the best kept secret in the trade, but . . . it was discussed here.  The Marketing thread might need to be renamed the "Don't know Jack" thread,  


 You must the be the last man on the deal team, hey!  I am not being critical, I have been there before, when I used to listen to Misinforma,, so the Aggies on this site knew about this last week.  Better tell your source it is old news.


 But . . . you do a great job, one mess up is not a career killer. LMAO!  Information requires keeping up on world events knowing what is happening.  I mean a person has to KNOW, and not rely uppon Larry, Moe, and Curley and the palm readers forcasting crops, otherwise you get nothing but garbage in . . . and garbage out.  Which is O.K. if you have no skin in the garme.   John

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Re: c-x-1, That could be reasons number 6 thru 10 as well.....

I agree with the other reasons corn should be supported but add two more.  This is the first time I've heard of corn being sent from Minnesota to  central Illinois by rail to supply ethanol plants.  That means Illinois is really short corn.  Corn exports are much lower than last year but what would happen if we had enough rain to make the Mississippi flow?  Would  exporters send what corn we have left down the river and would this make local buyers bid up to keep their supplies?  If local buyers don't feel that we have the ability to export corn, maybe they're holding off purchases until they need the product.

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Re: c-x-1, That could be reasons number 6 thru 10 as well.....

it could but since Mike only asked for five, i'm trying to learn to follow instructionsSmiley Happy


many of the "variables" are beginning to align---sw, you can get real time relatively inexpensive these days. thx, if that was you!

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