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Re: Floor Talk February 23

I think you are wondering why the USDA thinks the U.S. will be able to replace the soybean supplies lost by Brazilian production? And, it sounds like you don't believe the U.S. has the soybean supply to do that?


Is that what you are saying?


I'd be interested to know if my translation is close.





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Re: Floor Talk February 23

Thanks Mike...

Brasil = 69,2 mi/t production
B Stocks = 3,93
Supply = 73,13
Domestic = 39,50
E Stocks = 1,91 = 17days domestic
How export 37,8 mi/t???

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Re: Floor Talk February 23

One thing I have learned over the years is don't count out the American Farmer.  If you bet against the best farmer in the world you will lose your  bet everytime.  If anyone is up for planting 94 or even 95 million acres the American Farmer will get it done.

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Re: Floor Talk February 23

I wouldn't bet against mother nature either.  Smiley Wink

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