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Floor Talk February 24, 2021

At the open:


Soybeans add to gains.




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Re: Floor Talk February 24, 2021

Mike, just wondering what the market experts are thinking about just how high the price of soybeans and corn are going to get?

Considering most of the soybeans are out of the farmers’ hands now, and it’s just the end of February, I would think that we have a lot of room to run yet. 

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Re: Floor Talk February 24, 2021

On the corn side  RT,  I'm watching forward contracting.  The bids new crop are high enough to be almost interesting and if lots of bushels bet tied up I wonder if that will put a little elongation to the up market.... Just wondering.  Nice to see aggressive demand.

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Re: New crop beans $12.38, new crop corn $4.76

2.6 x $4.76= $12.376

150 bu corn/2.6 =57.7 bu  beans.  or visa virsa.

They can't spell it out much clearer

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