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Floor Talk, February 7, 2022

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Re: Floor Talk, February 7, 2022

Priced rest of old crop stored at elevator.  Just doing my part to let the prices move on higher for the rest of you guys.

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Re: How much of this is Brazil and how much is palm oil?

Hey Marketeye, how about educating us about palm oil?

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Re: How much of this is Brazil and how much is palm oil?

"Locking in $14 New crop"

Nowhere here in central Iowa that I know of.

Here in production central we have a thingy called "basis" here it is a negative  # at this time, no $14 cash in the pocket yet.

On an off topic note spent last 3 weeks in south Texas.

Yes Virginia things are bigger in Texas.

They have a chain of gas stations down there called "BUC-EES" with a beaver mascot.

Was in two of them. 4 rows of 30 gas pumps at each one (120 pumps)

Certain times of day there are wait times for a pump. We got to wait yesterday at about noon.

The store part is about a block long. In center of store is a show of employees fixing hundreds of different kinds of sandwiches. 

Then there are the "H-E-B plus" grocery stores. Think Wal-mart sized building, but just groceries, beer, wine and a pharmacy.

The exception to bigger in Texas is their deer. Just little bambies but make up for it in sheer numbers.

Good thing too because one of them decided to commit suicide Sat evening and use my pickup as his method of choice.

Front bumper down will be replaced including some of the proximity sensors. No cruise worn out ankle and knee this evening.

Nice place to recover from the covid thing.

Did get to check some things off of the ol bucket list.

Saw the Alamo

Toured the Lexington aircraft carrier from WWII that is at Corpus Christie.

Got told about the Admiral Nimitz,

War in the Pacific museum. Spent a full day there and didn't get through the far 1/3 of it before closing. Fredericksburg, Texas

Looked up a good friend and spent some quality time with them.

Watched the markets from afar.

Wanted to sell some beans Fri but had terrible cell service where we stayed. Couldn't get through before they closed at 2pm.

So far so good?

Had very hard time keeping both hands on steering wheel this afternoon and not calling a bean merchandiser.

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Re: How much of this is Brazil and how much is palm oil?

Your  fortune  was  hands  on  the  wheel . and no bean sale$

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