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Floor Talk January 19

At 8am:

USDA announced Monday that 110,500 mt of U.S. corn has been sold to an unkown for the 2015/16 marketing year.





Good morning. Welcome back after a three-day weekend, at least for the markets. Chinese economic data is the talk of the trade today as its GDP in 2015 grew at 6.9%. While that's the smallest growth rate since at least 1990, it's much better than most analysts had expected, renewing hope that the Asian country will continue to import U.S. agricultural products. 

At 6:15am:


Early calls:

Soybeans 6-8 cents higher, Corn 4-6 cents higher, wheat 6-8 cents higher. 



Overnight grain and soybean markets are trading higher.


Brent Crude Oil = $1.65 higher.

West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil = $0.65 higher.

Dollar = Up 0.3%

Wall Street = Stocks higher pre-bell as China GDP data better than expected.

World Markets = Global stocks rising on optimism about China.

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Re: Floor Talk January 19

Of course they will continue to import U.S. agricultural products.  Without them, their people would starve and rebel.  What we need is a POTUS that will stand up to them for equal trade and put a stop to the games that the Chinese play.

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Re: Floor Talk January 19

Their 6.9 beat the ^%$# out of our 3.3

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Re: Floor Talk January 19

It is well known the China's numbers are not true, since China has started a downward trend on GDP, the numbers are stated higher than actual.  Traders are now in the belief the actual is somewhere from 2.5 to 3.5, which stands to reason,  with such a large economy now in China a small growth is all that can happen. 

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Re: Floor Talk January 19

BINGO..................................EXACTLY  RAWHIDE.....


In a world made of irony.......... It is down right comical that the financials of the US  are worried about China's economy...


And doesn't seem concerned about ours.....which, in our most positive spin of disinformation is doing half the growth rate of China...


Neither set of numbers represents accurate accounting ....