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Floor Talk January 21

Good morning. Not a lot going on in the markets today as investors seemingly aren't sure which way to turn. 

At 6:20am:


Early calls:

Wheat 1-2 cents lower, corn 1 cent higher to 1 cent lower and soybeans 1-2 cents lower.



Overnight corn, wheat and soybeans all little changed. 


Brent Crude Oil = 0.7% lower.

West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil = 1.3% lower

Dollar = Down slightly.

Wall Street = Stocks following oil prices lower. 

World Markets = Global stocks declining on concern over global economic health. 

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Re: Floor Talk January 21

Egypt still hasn't announced on its GASC website from a tender for wheat. 

Still waiting ...

From GASC:

The Egyptian state's main wheat buying agency said on wednesday it wanted to buy cargoes of (55000 To 60000) tons of soft and /or milling wheat for shipment  (20 February -1 March),2016

- Tenders should reach Egypt's General Authority for Supply Commodities (GASC) by noon local time
 (0900 GMT) Tomorrow and the results should come out around 4:30 p.m.(330 GMT) on the same day

   Wheat bids should be free-on-board, with a separate freight offer.

- Vice chairman of GASC, said he was seeking cargoes of U.S. North pacific soft white

   wheat, U.S. soft red winter wheat, and/ or Canadian soft wheat.
- GASC was also seeking cargoes French milling wheat, Australian standard white wheat ,
   German milling wheat, and/ or UK milling wheat (UKP or UKS variety) and/or Romanian milling wheat and/or Russian milling wheat and/or Ukrainian milling wheat and/or {Kazakh milling wheat or Russian milling wheat at seller's option according to GASC Kazakh wheat specifications} and/or {Kazakh milling wheat or Ukrainian milling wheat at seller's option according to GASC Kazakh wheat specifications}
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Re: Floor Talk January 21

Looks like we missed out on the Egyptian tender. Not a surprise as our prices FOB were well above the $188-$191 that Egypt paid for foreign wheat:

"GASC gave the following breakdown of Wheat purchases Tender No. (19) of 21/1/2016:*shipment 20 Febreary-1March, 2016*:60000 tonnes of Romanian wheat from Ameropa at $188.03 C&F/tonne , 55000 tonnes of Russian wheat from BTG at $189.35 C&F/tonne, 60000 tonnes of Russian wheat from Daio at $190.25 C&F/tonne,60000 tonnes of French wheat from Soflia at $191.59 C&F/tonne."

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Re: Floor Talk January 21

Tony, i would appreciate if you would give the price of crude and the dollar amount of the move instead of the percentageof the move thanks. We appreciate the reports.                                                            THANKS

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