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Floor Talk July 13

The government pegged corn and bean stocks lower than analysts, pushing down its carryout estimates from last month as it raised the export outlook for both. That's good news -- shows that everything we've been hearing about improved shipments is coming to fruition. Analysts mostly said WASDE was moderately bullish but the trade will focus on the hot, dry weather forecast for the next couple of weeks. 

Here's what happened overnight:


Brent Crude Oil = 1.6% lower.
West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil = 1.2% lower.

Dollar = down 0.1%.

Wall Street = U.S. stock futures little changed in overnight trading
World Markets = Global stocks higher as Brexit concerns subside with new prime minister. 

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Re: Floor Talk July 13

It is all going to come down how long the heat lasts and hot the overnight and daytime temps are.  Seen the weather 'wolf' cried so many times, most don't believe it any more.  Lot of acres of great crops right now....just a little early to call them a grand slam....but many are looking at 'the big one'.  Does anyone have any reliable outlooks for Aug weather?   With the very dry May/June some very deep rooted crops around this area.  Beans in this area will be able to hold on longer than normal waiting for rain during fill.


Seems real possible this week will be the best the crops looks for the year.  Unless, the forecasters are wrong, and we aren't bringing in the high temps they are calling for. Heat can shrink kernal size and ear length in a hurry.


Might be time to take a seat and pass the popcorn.  Education time for all of us.  Only need to take national yield down to 160 and 45 for things to get very interesting.  Hardly disaster national yields.  But oh the risk, with good weather and timely rains, national yield could be 170+.  Risk on.

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Re: Floor Talk July 13

flashed some leaves white in sw ks corn sunday afternoon and again on monday.

Just the right stage and amount of heat ...  105 degrees and a stiff wind...


corn taller than usual for us..

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