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Re: Floor Talk, July 22, 2019

Well certainly, been that way since the first major Cargill corner in the corn market back in the 1930's. The ability for anyone with a few million under mgmt to buy space on a satellite certainly changes the reality, but all of that is caught in the price. 

All my point is: to get beans out of the country they have to be inspected and reported and those reports of shipments are way behind don't kid yourself in to thinking the Chinese can steal beans by taking delivery in Chicago, where virtually none are delivered anyway.

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Re: Floor Talk, July 22, 2019

I don’t think the beans are getting directly shipped to China. If they get on a boat for Vietnam and end up in China no tariff. Everyone is saying other markets are picking up I think them good old USA soybeans are getting into China somehow someway. If the Chinese go way long and Cargill, ADM, etc get caught short it is possible. The big grain companies already have the beans graded ready to go for shipment . A lot of farmers in my area don’t report to fsa planted acreage. Keep the government out of farming is a lot of people’s thoughts around here. So how does USDA keep track of us farmers that don’t follow their rules?

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Re: Floor Talk, July 22, 2019

If you are selling crops in the U.S. and taking whatever price you can get, you are following USDA’s rules.