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Floor Talk - July 9

Good morning!


Sorry for the delay. Hopefully the leap in soybean prices makes up for my tardiness!


Shortly after the open, the Sept. corn futures at 4 1/4 cents higher to $4.20 1/2, Dec corn futures are 4 1/4 cents higher to $4.38 1/2.

Aug. soybean futures are trading 26 3/4 cents higher at $10.23 1/2.

Sept. wheat futures are 6 3/4 cents higher at $5.80 1/4.

Aug. soymeal futures are trading $7.60 per short ton higher at $351.40. Aug. soyoil futures are trading $0.54 higher at $32.23.

In the outside markets, the Brent Crude oil market is $1.93 higher  to $58.98 per barrel, the U.S. dollar is higher, and the Dow Jones Industrials are 211 points lower.

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Re: Floor Talk - July 9

Another pounding rain here in NW Ohio overnight and this morning.   3.6" in the last two days. Water over the roads in places that I have never seen it.   I thankfully don't have any wheat to harvest and I really feel sorry for those who do. Talking with several other farmers in the area this morning......Their give-a-damn is busted.  Small crops are getting smaller.

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Re: It's dam wet and dam late now, this week's

h2o batch finishes Off a bunch of stuff.


IL, IN, OH, MO, AR, Louisiana....


ain't no way the total usa yields even run close to "trendline."


say 12 to 12.5 corn....2.8 to 3.2 beans ( 3 is gonna be hard to achieve )

Re: It's dam wet and dam late now, this week's

You need to change your picture on your icon Anderson.

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