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Re: Floor Talk June 24


It's an art and science to keep it that long. We have gone 3 years but it gets dicey after 2 so we try to cycle it. We know we will sell some every year so the oldest goes first

Good quality in. Spray bins good. Get the grain cured out in the fall then drop temp in the winter to around 40-45. Core the bins in the spring/summer. Once cured and cooled and cored then run fans once in a great while on cool dry days. We found you don't have to warm the grain up if you cure it out and core it. Will keep all summer. Then fall comes run alittle air to cool bottom layer again and then winter cool again

At the end of the day it's about having CFM. We have massive fans on smaller bins.

Started coring bins this spring in May and the corn was coming out so cold the auger was sweating.

Had one load run like 15.4 or something like that. Rest running 14-15. Went in last fall as high as 22. No dryer here. Just lots of bins and air and patience.
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Re: Floor Talk June 24

Illini.......there are plenty of value added ag ventures you can invest in...


livestock, ethanol, etc.



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