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Senior Contributor

Re: Floor Talk June 28 (Report Day)

Does anyone think we have 97 million acres of corn planted???   does anyone think that?? 


what about stocks,, still a bullish number compared to last year?? 


Think I should be buying corn today??   With tight stocks and a late harvest as of now,,,if you need supplies better get hard corn in the bin.


I really don't think this report warrants the response we got.  counting your eggs when the hens haven't hatched yet on a type of year like this is risky. 

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Veteran Contributor

Re: Floor Talk June 28 (Report Day)

Mike are you on the floor today?  Is it full retard yet?

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Re: Floor Talk June 28 (Report Day)

Wow, and who said they weren't making anymore land.


More corn,  makes no difference if it was planted on the 19th of June

More beans, Yea right, double crop status on a lot of it.

More cotton,  OK

More wheat.  No yield but that is just a small insignificant  detail


More prevented planting than normal too,  Just acres out the wassoo


How does that song go?


Old McDonald had a farm




Old McDonald had a farm


Here an acre there an acre every where an acre




Old McDonald had a farm...



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Re: Floor Talk June 28 (Report Day)

USA: the new BRAZIL = more acres every year.

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Re: Mark my words

If that wheat is anything like mine, if it looked like 30 BPA, it'll come in around 15.
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